Bethel Music/Come To Me



Father God, give me a word today. Let it be heard LOUD and CLEAR. LEAD me Father, GUIDE my every step. OPEN my eye’ and ear’, that I may RECEIVE from You, the… Continue reading

What if this was really the truth?

Evolution/ Creation

Talk to me Tuesday

Why would anyone subject themselves to the news? I have given up television and I am very selective to what type of movies I feed my brain or if you will, my spirit.… Continue reading

Challenge Me

Challenge me…. Challenge me Father God, to be better. To do better, to live better. Challenge me, to know You and to love You. Challenge me Father God, to love others as You… Continue reading


Think about whatever you are focusing on, if what you focus on is negative; that’s all you will see, feel, and experience… Your thoughts determine the direction you will go. If you think… Continue reading

Chemtrails What the government doesn’t want us to know…