Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken

Obamacare..or Obamascare

Yeah we didn’t see this coming….

Anonymous on Walmart

The Start of The American (Dream/Debt)

The Day We Fight Back – February 11th 2014

Here Is The Proof….

To the sheeple that don’t believe that the weather is being modified. Do you still think it’s “Global Warming?”

1 Thessalonians 5:19

Good Advice From WikiHow on Being Filled

How to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit There are several ways of understanding “Filling with the Holy Spirit.” Some people teach that it happens at conversion: when one asks Jesus into his… Continue reading

Health Officials: ‘No Concern’ Over 500% Increase In Radation Levels On California Beach – The Mind Unleashed

Watch “ASPARTAME – Sweet Misery, A POISONED World – Documentary, lecture, talk – (CANCER Food)” on YouTube